Tie Blanket DIY

Ashley C. '19, Writer

Burr it’s cold out there; there must be something in the atmosphere… yeah it’s snow, and wind that could freeze you in seconds. This horrific weather makes you want to bundle up and grab someone to cuddle with and binge watch that new show you’re dying to see. There’s a problem, a big problem, the lack of a comfy cozy blanket to snug up with your favorite person. Here’s the solution to keep you warm this cold season.

The Beacon has a solution: tie blankets are an easy winter DIY, and it’s super easy. Follow these easy steps and you have yourself brand new blanket to snuggle with.

Step 1: Gather your fabric

Choose a festive and fun patterned fabric to fit your personality and love of blankets. Then chose a solid contrasting color to match your patterned fabric. You can go to an local crafts stores to get the material for your new blanket.img_0757

Step 2: Lay the fabrics out and trim

Lay out the two fabrics right side out, you want the blanket to be comfy on both sides not just one. So make sure the softest side is laid right side out. In the end it’s all about you. Trim the blankets so they are the same size, then trim a five by five square in all four corners of the blankets.  


Step 3:  Cut the fringe

Now that your corners are cut and the blankets are the same size, start cutting the strips that will eventually be tied together. The strips should be five inches long and cut through both fabrics at the same time about two inches thick. Repeat on each side. img_0761

Step 4: Tie the knots

There is no specific way you tie the blankets, the way you tie is up to you. You can choose to tie the blanket like a balloon, shoelaces or a knot you learned in boy and girl scouts. It’s up to you, just make sure that you are tying the same fabric stripes from each blanket. Continue on all four sides and wabam you now have a new blanket. img_0763

Step 5: Share the love of your tie blanket

Don’t you wish you could share how happy your are with your new blanket? Well now you can. Keep the blanket you made, but make another one to give away as a present for the upcoming holidays, or you could make another one and donate it to The Beacon Blanket Drive that is giving back to their community and giving blankets to the homeless to help them stay warm this season. For each blanket you donate you’ll get one service hour.. Act quickly though, the drive is over on Dec. 9.img_0776

Have fun with your new blankets, and if you made one send a picture of it. The Beacon would love to see your tie blankets that you made.