Fall fashion feels fantastic

Olivia S. '19, Writer

Temperatures drop, leaves change colors, Pumpkin Spice returns to Starbucks and apple picking is in full swing…it’s fall y’all. A brief, beautiful time where summer fades away and the air becomes crisp. The falling leaves match the temperature, providing the perfect opportunity to revamp any wardrobe.

Shorts turn to jeans, tank tops to sweaters, flip-flops to boots. Not only is fall fashion incredibly comfortable, but also super cute. Anyone can rock a hunter green or burgundy red, colors which perfectly compliment the golden leaves.

“I love the colors of fall because they’re neutral, and that’s basically all I wear,” Fashion Club President Emily C. ‘17 said.

Layering helps to make one outfit into five and looks great all week. The crunch of the leaves is almost as satisfying as the compliments everyone will be getting on their blanket scarves. Shops stock up on fall clothing, making all of us happy, but our bank accounts awfully sad.

“Topshop and Urban Outfitters are the best for fall fashion,” Emily said.

Autumn only lasts a short time, so embrace it. Fill your closet with plaid, sweaters, boots, vests and jeans. Let the world know of your obsession, because we’re all feeling it. 

Stephanie F. ’19 showcases her favorite fall outfit of light-washed jeans. a gray sweater and white Keds. fall-fashion

Kelly O. ’18 models her favorite fall outfit of a jean jacket, hunter green pants and Converse.

Olivia S. ’19 shows off her favorite fall outfit of a gray sweater, scarf and dark jeans. fall-fashion-4

Cody G. ’19 showcases his favorite fall outfit of a plaid shirt and dark jeans.