How to prepare for the student section

Stephanie F. '19, Writer

Football Fridays and team rivalries are a right of passage for most schools, and Olentangy is no exception. Our biggest rivalry is Olentangy Liberty High School(OLHS), the Patriots.

For years OLHS has vied to perform as well as us, and last year they ended the Braves’ five year winning streak against the school. This year, the Braves are ready to take back the title of best football team in the district.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the rivalry game of 2016:

1.Be loud, be proud. We’re Braves, and we cheer. Learn the chants for the football game, be ready to yell and don’t hold anything back in the student section.


2. Know the theme. Showing up to the game in all black when it’s a gold out is not the way to show your Braves’ spirit.


3. Drink plenty of water during the day. We don’t want you to be dehydrated while cheering.


4. Don’t leave the student section. Staying for the whole game (freshmen included) is a must, and if you leave when the band preforms, be prepared to lose your seat.


5. Know who you’ll be cheering with. Don’t show up to the game not knowing who you’re standing by. We Braves cheer our loudest when we’re comfortable and brave.


6. Know the stadium. We aren’t at home for the Patriots game this year, so be ready to enter foreign territory. Know where the bathrooms are, where the food is and where to enter the game.


Be ready to storm the field at this year’s Olentangy Braves vs Olentangy Liberty rivalry game!braves-logo