Sophomores take over Varsity

Ashley C. '19, Writer

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Boys and girls lace their shoes up tight, straighten their socks, fix their hair, warm up and stretch in preparation to play, run and cheer as sophomores on Varsity. The Class of ’19 takes over fields and courts of this fall season with an increase of sophomores on Varsity.


Q & A

Grace C. ’19 Field Hockey


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How many sophomore girls are on Varsity?

  • “There are six girls playing Varsity.”

Were tryouts more stressful for you this year?

  • “There was a lot more conditioning that made it harder both mentally and physically.”


Rodas J. ’19 Football


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How many sophomores are on the team?

  • “There are four sophomores, Connor H., Caden K., Ian D. and myself.”

Is there a new type of pressure put on you because you are starting Varsity?

  • “There is no pressure because we put in the work, and it doesn’t matter how old you are it’s just how hard you work”

How is it trying to keep up with those who have played Varsity before?

  • “It’s not a challenge because we have leaders on our team such as the seniors that push us and teach us.”


Cameron C. ’19 Golf


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How many sophomores are on the team?

  • “There are two other sophomores on Varsity, Benjamin N. and Garrett L.

How did being a freshman on Varsity last year improve your playing this year?

  • “Being on Varsity has helped me compete against some of the best players in the state and has helped me set a standard for my future.”

Have your coach’s expectations been raised since then?

  • “My coach has expected [a great deal] out of my teammates and me this year because we are skilled and mature for sophomores.”


Alexis B. ’19 Cross Country


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How many sophomores are on the team?

  • “There are two sophomores on Varsity, Gracie J. and me.”

What is your fastest time?

  • “18:55”

How does it feel to pull off such a difficult task?

  • “It was challenging, but in the end I was proud to break 19 [minutes]. Having support from friends and family helped me.”